ACC Lectures 2023 | 1. Alvar Aaltissimo | 06.03.2023

A brief lecture between Architecture, Satire and Memetics

Alvar Aaltissimo, in the guise of his unpaid intern, will show a series of projects from the Alvar Aaltissimo archive, explaining their genesis, references and hidden meanings.
An overview of projects at different scales will be given, starting from the one-room apartment scale (Case-Milanesissime), through the architectural scale (Nuovissimo Stadio di Sansiro), to the urban/infrastructural one (Lipari Airport) and the territorial scale (Project for the saving of the Italian Summer 2020).
All these will be introduced by the decaration of the existence of satire in architecture and the relationship between the latter and memetics.

About Alvar Aaltissimo

Alvar Aaltissimo is an architectural designer of XXI century, who investigates the conjugation of architectural design, satire, current events, communication and memes.
His projects go against the volatility of disposable social content: the basis of his poetics is the study of memetics as a tool for analysis, knowledge and understanding of social and urban phenomena.
Placing himself on the margin between virtual and real, he published “Case Milanesissime” (Corraini Edizioni, 2021), “Stanze Bolognesissime” (Corraini Edizioni, 2022) and “PLSSS – 5 Progetti Pandemici” (LetteraVentidue, 2022).