ACC Lectures 2022

Mind the Gap – conference cycle

In order to trigger a reflection about the role and the responsibility of the architect of the future, the lecture series aims to open a conversation about manifold disciplinary, ontological or linguistic gaps we see around us. 

Indeed, as we may observe in the design practice, Architecture is constantly confronted with the urge to mind the above-mentioned gaps. This occurs exclusively when translating some disciplinair peculiarities to other knowledge branches, in the convergence between theoretical teachings and the contingencies of professional practices, as in the encounter of global issues and the ordinary everyday.

The lecture series “MIND the GAP” proposes to focus on these distances by unfolding a collective critical reflection. In order to shape a coherent yet heterogeneous program, different thematic voids have been translated to open questions.


Date Lecture Details
Thu 03.03.22 Introduction by Curators Link
Thu 10.03.22 Barnabas Calder – Form Follows Fuel Link
Thu 17.03.22 Sumayya Vally (Counterspace) – In Conversation with Ungrounding Seminar Link
Thu 31.03.22 Manuel Orazi – Koolhaas e il senso della città Link
Thu 07.04.22 Federico Madaro – Controversial Advertising or Controversial Standards? Link
Tue 12.04.22 Perry Kulper – Fields of Evidence Link
Thu 21.04.22 Philip F.Yuan – DigitalFUTURES: Human-machine Collaborative Intelligence Link
Thu 28.04.22 Fosbury Architecture – 1:1 Link
Thu 05.05.22 Ekaterina Golovatyuk (Grace Studio) – Museum as Laboratory Link
Tue 10.05.22 51n4e – Every Hectare Matters Link
Thu 12.05.22 Antonio Becchi – L’algoritmo impossibile. Edoardo Benvenuto (1940-1998) e le radici della storia del costruire Link
Tue 17.05.22 CatalyticAction In Conversation with Camillo Boano Link
Thu 19.05.22 Albena Yaneva – Architectural Anthropology: Six Methodological Suggestions Link
Thu 26.05.22 Gong Dong (Vector Architects) and Stefano Pujatti (ElasticoFarm) – in conversation with Davide Tommaso Ferrando Link
Tue 31.05.22 Andrea Aragone (Latitude) – Care-Make-Engage Link
Thu 09.06.22 Giacomo Borella (Studio Albori) – Adventures in Absurdistan Link