ACC Lectures 2022 | 14. Andrea Aragone | 31.05.2022


Care-Make-Engage tries to question the role of architects and urban designers as intermediaries among a vast arena of actors embedded in complex territories. To do so, Care-Make-Engage explores Ilot d’Eau (2014 > ongoing), a three-series project, during which LATITUDE Platform has engaged by continuously changing its posture—from architect to activist—and by experimenting with a multiplicity of co-design tools to engage local actors with water in the context of Brussels-Capital Region.


LATITUDE Platform is a collective of architects, urbanists and anthropologists strongly engaged in context-based research and design. LATITUDE Platform aims at understanding space in its multiple dimensions focusing on emergences, space-place issues, the everyday and the unexpected. It takes works on well-established urban conditions and territories, as well as liminal physical and social contexts, experimenting with a wide range of tools for investigation and dissemination at the intersection between urban design and anthropology. LATITUDE Platform collaborates with universities, design offices, civil society organizations, public institutions and artists.

As a member of LATITUDE Platform since 2012, Andrea Aragone is an urbanist and a researcher with primary interests in urban transformations and socio-ecological processes. He focuses on the relationship between water dynamics and urban transformations as well as on local and regional planning, and participatory design, in the Global North and Global South. He is currently PhD student in co-joint program at the faculties of architecture of the Université Libre de Bruxelles and IUAV Venice.

lecture recording

31 may 2022 – 1 p.m. CET