ACC Lectures 2024

Limits of Architecture / Architecture of Limits

s. m. [from Latin limes -mĭtis].
1. a. Boundary, terminal, or dividing line

The synonyms for limit can cause confusion in understanding the meaning of the word: edge, margin, threshold, border, but also obstacle, barrier, and wall

We want to dwell on the concept of limits, not only physical but also virtual, social, disciplinary, technological, and philosophical. The limit not only refers to the materiality of architecture (material, structure, and space) but also to its immateriality (time, perception). Therefore, our mission is to transcend the conventional limits of architectural discourse. The central theme for the ACC Lectures 2024 is encapsulated in the compelling phrase, “Limits of Architecture. Architecture of Limits.”

The 2024 ACC Lecture Series “Limits of Architecture: Architecture of Limits” proposes a cycle of 12 seminars to open up a discussion among architects, researchers, designers, and other professionals in related interdisciplinary fields. We aim to delve into the multifaceted concept of limits, transcending the physical realm into the virtual, social, disciplinary, technological, and philosophical domains. The ‘limit’ will be explored not merely as a physical constraint but also as an immaterial construct, encompassing time and perception.