ACC Lectures 2022 | 8. Ekaterina Golovatyuk | 05.05.2022

Museum as Laboratory


Ekaterina Golovatyuk is a Russian architect and researcher, co-founder of GRACE, operating between Moscow and Milan. Golovatyuk’s past work experience includes a long term collaboration with OMA/AMO, focusing on cultural and research projects in Russia, Europe and Hong Kong. On behalf of OMA, she was directly responsible for the design and realization of the Garage Museum for Contemporary Art in Moscow, as well as the development of the educational program for the post-graduate Strelka Institute for Architecture, Media and Design in Moscow. A substantial part of Grace’s portfolio is dedicated to exhibition design and museum architecture. The exhibitions, occasionally also curated by Grace, reveal key themes in the bureau’s work, questioning the relationship between the artwork and its context, and the ubiquitous notion of “white cube”.

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