ACC Lectures 2022 | 11. CatalyticAction in conversation with Camillo Boano | 17.05.2022

Participatory design in the context of displacement – Stories from Lebanon.


CatalyticAction is a charity that works to empower vulnerable children and their communities through participatory built interventions. We champion the co-production of dignified built environments where everyone can take part in the creation of equitable, inclusive and sustainable communities. Through this process of co-design we build local human capacity that ensures our work has a lasting impact.

Our work has a direct positive impact on:

– Children’s wellbeing: We aim to improve children’s wellbeing through the process of co-design, creating safe and nurturing places that address their needs, acknowledge their rights and materialise their desires.

– Social Cohesion: Our projects encourage collaboration between diverse groups of people as they come together throughout the project cycle. This fosters a sense of ownership and belonging amongst different community members.

– Local economy: We boost the local economy by hiring local labourers, adopting context-appropriate technologies and purchasing local materials.

– Local capacity: We enhance the skill-set of local labourers and small contractors by transferring knowledge around innovative design solutions. We train professionals in participatory design and just-decision making processes, including child protection officers, teachers and city council staff.

– Built environment: Our projects create and rehabilitate spaces, delivering good quality, sustainable and cost-effective built interventions that are dignified and inclusive to all community members.

lecture recording

17 may 2022 – 1 p.m. CET