ACC Lectures 2022 | 4. Federico Madaro | 07.04.2022

Controversial Advertising or Controversial Standards? The bumpy road leading to success in the Chinese market.


Federico Madaro is Contract Professor of Chinese Language and Literature in The Department of Foreign Languages and Modern Cultures at the University of Torino. His areas of interest and research are Chinese linguistics and Discourse Analysis, with particular attention to the use of profanities in colloquial Chinese and its lexical, pragmatic, social and cultural implications. He is author of several textbooks, grammar compendiums and other learning materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of Chinese. At the moment he is also collaborating with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino (?Transitional Morphologies? Joint Research Unit) in projects regarding the interconnection of architectural and linguistic elements in the Chinese urban contexts.

lecture recording

7 april 2022 – 1 p.m. CET