A complete archive of past publications from the students and faculty of the Ph.D. can be found at this link →

Publications from DASP students for the years 2016 and 2017 are sorted below:

articleBaima, Lucia; Lei, Jiang; Canclini, AndreaThe giant's garden. Different strategies for different brownfields size2016
articleBodino, Miriam; Pavani, ArturoAfrican Cities: Defining a Paradox2017
articleBottero, Marta; Armando, Alessandro; Bonino, Michele; Frassoldati, Francesca; Bruno, Edoardo; Federighi, ValeriaA Hybrid Evaluation Approach for Designing Complex Urban Scenarios: Application for the T.I.T. Area (China)2016
articleBotti, GiaimeIntermediari del moderno. Migrazioni professionali e circolazione delle idee tra Italia e Colombia (1928-1968)2016
conference proceedingsCanclini, AndreaDeterminism and ethic of the re-production of a community in the forms of a town2016
articleCaneparo, Luca; Bonavero, Federica Neighbourhood Regeneration at the Grassroots Participation: Incubators' Co-Creative Process and System2016
book chapterCaneparo, Luca; Bonavero, Federica; Melis, BarbaraSelf-Awareness Tool for Renewable Energy Production in Mixed-Use Urban Tissues: Incubators European Project for the Mediterranean Region2017
conference proceedingsDella Rocca, MarcoLa propaganda del regime a Trento, the propaganda of regime in Trento2016
conference proceedingsDella Rocca, MarcoThe Courthouse and Prison complex in Trento: an architecture to reuse2016
bookDini, Roberto; Gibello, Luca; Girodo, StefanoRifugiarsi tra le vette. Capanne e bivacchi in Valle d'Aosta: dai pionieri dell'alpinismo a oggi2016
book chapterDini, Roberto; Girodo, StefanoRiabitare i territori montani. Riflessioni in forma di conversazione2016
articleDini, Roberto; Girodo, StefanoLa "stagione d'oro" del patrimonio minerario. Dal folklore ai progetti integrati2016
articleDini, Roberto; Girodo, StefanoArchitetture in pista2016
articleDini, Roberto; Girodo, StefanoRiciclare le strutture dello sci2016
articleFiandanese, FilippoCina, il parco a tema è una ghost town2016
articleGirodo, StefanoArte e apicoltura2016
articleGirodo, Stefano; Dini, RobertoLiaison Dangereuse2016
conference proceedingsLo Turco, Massimiliano; Bruno, EdoardoHistoric Building Information Modeling: from historical database platform to fully suitable and multidisciplinary design instruments2016
articleMartini, Laura London 1970-1980: The squats' city2016
articleMehan, Asma Manifestation of Modernity in Iranian Public Squares: Baharestan Square (1826-1978)2017
articleMehan, Asma Public Squares and Their Potential for Social Interactions: A Case Study of Historical Public Squares in Tehran2016
conference proceedingsMehan, Asma Urban Regeneration: A Comprehensive Strategy for Achieving Social Sustainability in Historical Squares.2016
articleMehan, Asma Squares as tools for urban transformation: Foundations for designing the Iranian public squares.2016
articleMehan, Asma Investigating the Role of Historical Public Squares on Promotion of Citizens' Quality of Life2016
articleMehan, Asma Blank slate: squares and political order of city2016
articlePavani, Arturo; Bruno, Edoardo; Botti, GiaimeRegeneration of Urban Industrial Heritage: Redevelopment Trends between Europe and China, from Tourism to Production2016
articleRepellino, Maria Paola; Martini, Laura; Mehan, AsmaGrowing Environment Culture through Urban Design Processes 城市设计促进环境文化2016
articleVero, DavideFacing Urban Ageing. Città Giardino Torino: micro adattamenti per una crisi invisibile2016
articleZwangsleitner, DanielThe lesson of tyrolean Modernism Siegfried Mazagg and the Berghof in Seefeld2016