Saskia Gribling

City imaging: an inquiry on spatial practices creating visions, narratives and images for the urban

Tutor: Alessandro Armando
The research project investigates the relation between theoretical (architectural) frameworks and urban practices and how the communication among the two domains works. It takes Torinostratosferica, an urban knowledge agency, as a case study and looks for comparable urban practices. By exploring interdisciplinary methodologies based on ethnography and anthropology, it aims to understand the changing scenery and role of spatial practices actively intervening in the urban tissue.


Saskia is currently a PhD student in Architecture. History and Project. Her main research interests focus on the relation between design theory and urban practices. Previously, she has taken part at several research projects as by “The Campus Research Management” and “Delft Design for Values”. Alongside, she has been part of some design-research collectives, as EASA (European Architecture Student Assembly) and BOSS (Building Organisation Student Society) and participating, organizing and curating different international workshops or exhibitions and events. She is currently part of the “Scuola di Urbanesimo Nomade” a project in Rome led by Stalker.


2021-present teaching assistant in urban and architectural design master courses at Politecnico di Torino
2019-2020 Junior researcher at the Delft Design for Values Institute and at Management in the Built Environment department, TU Delft, the Netherlands
2017-2018 Research assistant at the Management in the Built Environment Department, TU Delft

2019-2017 M.Sc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, at the TU Delft
2015-2017 B.Sc in Architecture, Urbanism and Building Sciences, at the TU Delft
2011-2014 Bachelor studies in Architecture (180 ETCs) at Università Sapienza di Roma

Selected publications