Edoardo Fregonese

Philosophy of Design in Practice. An Account Between Abstract Philosophy of Design and ANT-STS Approaches

Tutor: Giovanni Durbiano

In recent years, there has been a growing research interest in design, and especially architectural design. On one side there is the new-born field of the philosophy of design, on the other there are the so-called “STS-ANT inspired approaches”. The first family of theories works in an abstract environment, it seeks to define the essence of design; the second family mixes ethnographical investigation under the metaphysical assumption of a flat ontology. Edoardo’s research aims to fill the gap between these accounts, by developing a set of concepts and theoretical instruments able to investigate architectural projects both on philosophical level and on an empirical one.


Edoardo Fregonese is a PhD Student in Architecture. History and Project at Politecnico di Torino. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Turin with a thesis on social ontology and philosophy of economics. His research interests span from general philosophy of science to architectural design theory. His work focuses on the relation between a traditional philosophical investigation of design and an ethnographic analysis working under the Actor-Network Theory methods.


2015 / Master’s Degree in Theoretical Philosophy (University of Turin), 110/110 summa cum laude
with special mention and recommendation for publication;
2013 / Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy (University of Turin)


Selected publications