Marianna Gaetani

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Tutor: Prof. Sergio Pace


Marianna Gaetani (1988) is a PhD candidate at DASP since 2017.
After a first, small thesis about the dichotomies ideology/concrete realization and architecture/city in the works of Bruno Taut, she achieved a similar analysis in the master thesis too, which tried to reconstruct the contest for the Business Center in Turin (’62-’63). In her doctoral research she is continuing exploring that decade, that area and those issues through the pretext of the Grattacielo RAI (’62-’68).



2013-2015 / Politecnico di Torino, Msc in Architecture, Construction and City
2007-2013 / Politecnico di Torino, Bsc in Sciences of Architecture

2015-2017; 2011-2013 / Collaborator in architecture and engineering firms


Selected Publications