Matteo Migliaccio

Behind Chinese Urbanization, New Towns’s Urban Vibrancy Based on the HSR Network

Tutor: Michele Bonino

The research project aims to combine quantitative and qualitative methodologies in the analysis of the high-speed rail network (HSR) of the new towns in China and the factors that determine its success. The project attempts to examine the unique experience of China starting with the analysis of Big Data in collaboration with the China Future City Lab – MIT and shifting both scale and method towards a qualitative approach offering a more precise view of development policies and their impact on space.


Matteo Migliaccio is a PhD candidate in “Architecture. History and Design” at the Politecnico di Torino. He studies Architectural and Urban penhomena in contemporary China after a master degree in “Architecture Construction and City” at the Politecnico di Torino. He collaborated on various research and design activities with the DIST and DAD departments, focussing on mapping urban phenomena, designing urban transformations and analyzing their relationship with the physical heritage of places.


2019 / Visiting student at the China Future City Lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
2018 / First prize at the Giulia Marchisio Master’s degree thesis Award
2016 / Visiting student at the Tsinghua University of Beijing for the master’s degree thesis project
2010-2016 / Master’s degree in “Architecture Construction City” at the Politecnico di Torino

2018 / First prize in the public design competition for a urban regeneration project in NUS (AO) – in collaboration with Dini Architects
2018 / Third prize at Piranesi Prix de Rome contest in the DAD (Politecnico di Torino) team
2017 / Realization of drawings and maps for the book “The city after chinese new town” for the DIST Department (Politecnico di Torino)
2017 / Research project on the sustainabile mobility in Copenhagen (DK) for public administrations
2015-2019 / renderist and 3D modeller in collaboration with different architectural firms


Selected publications