Ting Zhang

Comparative morphology study on urban scenic area in China and Italy:
The dialectic between mass and authenticity among heritage, tourism and commerce

Tutor: Marco Trisciuoglio
Co-tutor: Michela Barosio

Through the Joint Research Unit called “TRANSITIONAL MORPHOLOGIES”, PoliTo DAD (Torino, Italy) and the SEU Department of Architecture Nanjing, China) want to examine strategies and methods used by human settlements to incrementally change an assembly buildings and space from one period to another period, from one place to another place, from one culture to another culture.
A large number of instances speak to a similar urban phenomenon both in China and Italy. In this sense, scholars think that China studies needs to move beyond the area studies approach and adopt a comparative perspective. This study is such an undertaking. Drawing on comparative morphology study, this study seeks to understand the transformation of urban scenic area through the lens of heritage-tourism-commerce by studying urban morphology. It examines how their different transition processes reveal different logics of urban transformation.


Ting ZHANG is a PhD student in ‘Architecture. History and Project’ at Politecnico di Torino, where she graduated in ‘Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Labdscape Planning’. Her research interests focus on Global Comparative morphology study, her current PhD studies on “Comparative morphology study on urban scenic area in China and Italy”.


2012-2015 / Politecnico di Torino, MSc in ‘Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning’
2008-2012 / BSc in Urban landscape planning, Nanjing Forestry University, China.


Selected publications