Edoardo Bruno

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Research: “Reaching the sea: peri-urban transformation in Guangzhou between planning visions and local negotiations” / link to page
Tutors: Prof. Michele Bonino, Prof. Francesca Frassoldati


Edoardo Bruno is an Architect with a Master Degree in “Architecture and Construction” obtained in 2012 at the Polytechnic of Turin. The thesis focused on the redevelopment of the V Pavillion signed by the Engineer Riccardo Morandi in 1959, and was selected as finalist for the Italian Archiprix 2013. He has founded in 2009, with 4 associated architects, the 2MIXarchistudio based in Turin. Now he’s attending the PhD Program on “Architecture History and Project” at the Polytechnic of Turin in collaboration with the South China University of Technology. He is member of South-China Torino Collaboration Lab and its research is focusing on the urban local negotiations in the expanding metropolis of Guangzhou.



2008-2012 / Politecnico di Torino – Master Degree in Architecture and Construction
2004-2008 / Politecnico di Torino – Bachelor Degree in Sciences of Architecture


2009- / Associated Architect at 2MIX archistudio
2009 / Assistant Designer at Negozio Blu Architetti
2008 / Assistant Designer at Studio Durbiano – Reinerio Architetti

Selected Publications

↳ Bottero, M., Armando, A., Bonino, M., Frassoldati, F., Bruno, E., Federighi, V., 2016. A Hybrid Evaluation Approach for Designing Complex Urban Scenarios: Application for the T.I.T. Area (China). Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, 2nd International Symposium “NEW METROPOLITAN PERSPECTIVES” – Strategic planning, spatial planning, economic programs and decision support tools, through the implementation of Horizon/Europe2020.
↳ Horizontal Metropolis – International PhD Seminar – EPFL
Conference Proceeding Peer Reviewed
Authors: Edoardo Bruno
Title: Reaching the sea: Guangzhou southern expansion from rural industrialization to polarized strategical planning
↳ Convegno Internazionale ARCHITETTURA E CITTA’ – Problemi di tutela e  valorizzazione nei centri storici e nelle periferie – La Spezia
Conference Proceeding Peer Reviewed
Authors: Edoardo Bruno, Valeria Federighi, Duong Nguyen
Chinese approach in masterplanning the city wall preservation. The case study of Zhaoqing ancient city centre in perspective with the Italian experience.
↳ Convegno CROMA – Cultural Creative Industries – Roma Uni 3
Conference Proceeding Peer Reviewed
Authors: Edoardo Bruno, Giaime Botti
Which Productive Outputs for Cultural-Led Industrial Preservation? The Chinese Challenge between Heritage and Urban Transformation.
↳ SINERGI Project Publication
Paper Peer Reviewed
Authors: Edoardo Bruno
Title: Community, real estate pressure and the spatial reorganization: the case study of the “village in the city” of Lijiao in Guangzhou.
↳ South China Architecture
Journal Publication
Authors: Edoardo Bruno, Giaime Botti, Arturo Pavani
Title: Industrial Regeneration: Redevelopment trends from Europe to China between tourism and production.