Elena Pressacco

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Research: “Morphology and urban economics” / link to page
Tutors: Prof. Marco Trisciuoglio, Prof. Luigi Buzzacchi


Elena Pressacco was born in Udine, but in 2006 moved to Turin to begin her studies. She graduated in 2014 with a dissertation concerning the use of the new industrial patrimony in connection to the ancient/modern one. During the university, she worked as a consultant in interior design. Since 2015 she has been undertaking research on the relation between Architecture and Urban Economics attending the PhD course in Architecture and History in Politecnico of Turin. At the same time she teaches “Digital Fabrication” in different growth projects.



2017- / Visiting Phd Tsinghua University (China)
2010-2014 / Master Degree Politecnico di Torino
2006-2010 / Bachelor Degree Politecnico di Torino


2017- / DePre Studio
2013- / Collaborator in “Digital Fabrication” Officine Innesto and FabLab
2013-2015 / MiniLab Project
2012-2015 / Consultant in Interior Design

Selected Publications