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ACC Lectures 2022 | 6. Philip F. Yuan | 21.04.2022

DigitalFUTURES: Human-machine Collaborative Intelligence


Philip F. Yuan Associate Dean, tenured professor of the College of Architecture and Urban Planning (CAUP) at Tongji University. He is also Editor in Chief of Architectural Intelligence.

Yuan is the visiting professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, 2019) and Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT, 2021) and ThomasJefferson professor at University of Virginia (UVA, 2019).

Yuan founded DigitalFUTURES Assocation in 2011. He is also the founder of Archi-union Architects and Fab-union Technology.

Yuan plays a leading role in the Frontiers of digital architecture. His research has over 16 publications in the realm of computational design and robotic fabrication. His works have been collected by Moma New York, M+ Hongkong and Centre National d’art et de Culture Georges Pompidou. He has also participated in Venice biennale, Chicago biennale, Milan triennial, Russian biennale etc.

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21 april 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

ACC Lectures 2022 | 5. Perry Kulper | 12.04.2022

Fields of Evidence


Perry Kulper is an architect and Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Michigan. In a prior life he was a SCI-Arc faculty member for 17 years and held visiting teaching positions at Penn and ASU during that time. Subsequent to graduate studies at Columbia University he worked in the offices of respected mentors Eisenman/ Robertson, Robert A.M. Stern and Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown before moving to Los Angeles. His primary interests include: the roles and generative potential of architectural drawing; the outrageously different spatial opportunities offered by using diverse design methods in design practices; and in broadening the conceptual range by which architecture contributes to our cultural imagination. He was the Sir Banister Fletcher Visiting Professor at the Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL 2018-19. In 2013 he published Pamphlet Architecture 34, ‘Fathoming the Unfathomable: Archival Ghosts and Paradoxical Shadows’ with friend and collaborator Nat Chard. They are at work on a new book to be published by UCL Press. Recently he optimistically ventured into the world of the digital, attempting to get a handle on ‘cut + paste’ and ‘magic wand’ operations in Photoshop—as a result he has encountered one of his steeper learning curves. Even more recently he has also been snooping around under the hood of said digital realms. Fantastic beasts have also been on his mind…

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12 april 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

DASP Lunch Seminars 2022

Marzo – Giugno – ogni venerdì ore 13.00-15.00
Aula 9V, Castello del Valentino, Torino e ONLINE

Coltivare la ricerca di base (curiosity driven) è uno degli scopi di un dottorato, insieme a quello di addestrare ai metodi di indagine che sono propri di ciascun sapere e di ciascuna pratica. Un dottorato ha però anche lo scopo di istruire e accendere il dialogo tra pari su temi che sono rilevanti, o perché -innovativi- ci attendono al varco nel futuro, o perché -lontani nelle tradizioni di studio- ci sollecitano dal passato.

Il Dottorato di ricerca in Architettura. Storia e Progetto del Politecnico di Torino (DASP) apre questo semestre le sue attività al confronto, innanzitutto tra le Dottorande e i Dottorandi dei tre cicli tra loro e con i membri del Collegio Docenti, ma anche con ricercatori, esperti e studiosi esterni alla comunità del dottorato.

In una sequenza di dodici incontri, all’ora di pranzo del venerdì e a partire dall’11 marzo, si parlerà di progetti e di storie, di città e di processi, di tecniche e di società, di modelli, di innovazione e di molto altro ancora. Ogni volta, tre o quattro dottorandi prenderanno la parola per raccontare parte del proprio lavoro di ricerca (alle fasi finali o alle fasi iniziali che sia) così da condividerlo e discuterlo con interlocutori appositamente invitati e con gli altri partecipanti all’incontro.

Coordinatore: Marco Trisciuoglio
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ACC Lectures 2022 | 4. Federico Madaro | 07.04.2022

Controversial Advertising or Controversial Standards? The bumpy road leading to success in the Chinese market.


Federico Madaro is Contract Professor of Chinese Language and Literature in The Department of Foreign Languages and Modern Cultures at the University of Torino. His areas of interest and research are Chinese linguistics and Discourse Analysis, with particular attention to the use of profanities in colloquial Chinese and its lexical, pragmatic, social and cultural implications. He is author of several textbooks, grammar compendiums and other learning materials for beginner, intermediate and advanced students of Chinese. At the moment he is also collaborating with the Department of Architecture and Design of the Politecnico di Torino (?Transitional Morphologies? Joint Research Unit) in projects regarding the interconnection of architectural and linguistic elements in the Chinese urban contexts.

lecture recording

7 april 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

ACC Lectures 2022 | 3. Manuel Orazi | 31.03.2022

Koolhaas e il senso della città. Discussione del volume: Testi sulla (non più) città, Quodlibet 2021

La conferenza si pone come discussione a più voci sul volume recentemente pubblicato da Quodlibet che raccoglie diciannove saggi di Rem Koolhaas sulla città, redatti lungo tutta la carriera dell’architetto olandese e tradotti ad hoc in italiano. Da punti di vista differenti, i relatori imbastiranno un dialogo didattico sulle premesse della raccolta, sui temi che la attraversano e sulla posizione di Koolhaas rispetto al rapporto fra città e luogo, città e cultura, città e abitanti, e – in definitiva, quindi – fra città e architettura. Manuel Orazi presenterà il volume in quanto progetto editoriale, condotto con lo stesso autore; Manfredo di Robilant presenterà i contenuti, delineando una breve biografia intellettuale dell’autore e approfondendo tre testi: ‘Berlino: un arcipelago verde’, ‘Prologo a Singapore Songlines’, ‘Smart city’. Michele Bonino e Filippo De Pieri svolgeranno il ruolo di discussant. La conferenza sarà corredata da un apparato di immagini originali che sarà esso stesso oggetto di discussione.


Manuel Orazi is PhD in History of Architecture and of Cities. He taught at the Universities of Camerino, Bologna and Ferrara. Since 2003 he has been working at the Quodlibet publishing house in Macerata where he edits some series dedicated to architecture, landscape and the city. During his career he has been interested in the work of Rem Koolhaas about which he edited the introduction of “Testi sulla (non più) città” and of whom he tells in “La dimensione contemporanea dell’architettura”.

lecture recording

31 march 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

ACC Lectures 2022 | 9. 51n4e | 10.05.2022

Every Hectare Matters


51N4E is a Brussels-based international practice that concerns itself with matters of
architectural design, concept development and strategic spatial transformations.The name
of the practice refers to the capital’s coordinates. The practice is led by 3 partners: Johan
Anrys and Freek Persyn. “51N4E is a self-steering collective that wants to
empower people to be both autonomous and connected. It does so by organizing the
supportive processes needed for a collaborative design culture. This collaboration
platform combines the internal studios with a growing network of external partners. As
such, it mirrors today’s complex reality and produces an ecosystem of knowledge.”

lecture recording

10 may 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

ACC Lectures 2022 | 2. Sumayya Vally | 17.03.2022

Counterspace- In Conversation with Ungrounding Seminar

To mark the end of the long term visiting professorship of Tomà Berlanda at DIST/Polito, and the final session of the PhD Seminar Vally’s work – which ranges from research to practice, from pedagogy to performance, and from art to architecture – will be the focus of the exchange between PhD students and the Johannesburg-based architect, under the idea of minding the gap between different modes of architectural practice and research. As a space to analyze, propose and discuss research methodologies, the Ungrounding seminar has also explored new approaches and inputs to PhD dissertations. Thus, this open dialogue with Vally will not only be an opportunity to learn about her groundbreaking work, but also to unground inherited ideas about the gap between practice and research in architecture.


Sumayya Vally is the founder and principal of Counterspace, an award-winning architecture and research studio that works through design research, publishing, pedagogy, built things, buildings and other forms of architecture. A TIME100 Next List honoree and designer of the 20th Serpentine Pavilion (2020/2021), Vally is the youngest architect to be commissioned for the internationally renowned architecture program.

lecture recording

17 march 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

ACC Lectures 2022 | 1. Barnabas Calder | 10.03.2022

Form Follows Fuel: Building our way into (and out of?) climate emergency

Architecture is responsible for 39% of all greenhouse gas emissions. If we can’t reduce this to zero over the coming years we face planetary catastrophe.

This lecture will explore the history of architecture’s profound entanglement with energy use, from ancient hunter gatherer homes, through the great monuments of antiquity and on to the disastrous fossil-fuel dependency of the present.

At the moment the sustainable past feels like a reproach to contemporary architecture and construction, but Calder will argue that it could instead become an inspiration and information library for a new and wonderful zero carbon architecture.


Barnabas Calder is the author of Architecture: From Prehistory to Climate Emergency (Pelican, 2021), and head of the Architectural and Urban History Group at the University of Liverpool.

Twitter/Instagram: @BarnabasCalder

lecture recording

10 march 2022 – 1 p.m. CET

Call for Videos | Endless Forms most beautiful | Padiglione Italia “Comunità Resilienti”

Architetti, designer, scienziati, pensatori, giornalisti, attivisti, fotografi sono invitati a
condividere esperienze e iniziative di attività resilienti attualmente in corso nella nostra penisola.

Attraverso il medium del video-reportage, l’obiettivo è quello di mappare in maniera collettiva
l’insieme di tutte quelle forme di realtà propositive, resistenti, che si oppongono con diverse modalità
e diverse scale a casi di conflitto ambientale, progettazione impositiva.

I contributi andranno in diretta live-streaming nel Padiglione Italia “Comunità Resilienti
alla 17. Mostra Internazionale di Architettura alla Biennale di Venezia
condivisi sul canale Instagram di @resilientcommunities_venezia,
sul canale Instagram del progetto @endless_architecture,e sui canali di comunicazione del Padiglione Italia

// New Deadline 04.06.2021 //

// Per info:
// Call scaricabile al seguente link click here